Screen Replacement vs. Rescreening

Should you just replace the screen fabric or the whole thing?

There are benefits to both rescreening existing frames and to replacing them entirely for both sun shades and bug fabric, and the answer is based on several factors.

How is it going to look if you just replace the fabric?

For one, any time you are considering these two options, the aesthetics is going to come first for most people.  Often times in Arizona, because of the harsh effects of the sun we see the frames of the window screens just as worn and faded as the mesh itself.  If not due to sun exposure, after 10+ years of being removed and re-attached by window washers or whomever, the frames tend to get scratched, dented, or in some cases bent beyond repair.  In any of these cases, it may be best to go with a replacement.

Does it cost much more to replace the entire screen?

The simple answer is often yes it does.  However, it may surprise you how little more the cost may be.  The fabric itself makes up for approximately 75% of the actual material cost when going with new sun screens, and closer to 90% with bug screen replacements.  So, when factoring in the extra time involved in protecting, loading, and hauling the old frames back to the shop to perform the work, we typically only see a 5-10% savings for using old sunscreen frames, and essentially no savings for bugscreens.

So when does it make sense to use your old frames?

In our experience, given all the cost differences, and the final product our clients have more often than not decided to go with new screens.  This being said, the times we have seen it worthy of just new fabric have been in cases where the frames are still in good shape throughout the home, and there are more than just a few screens.  At the end of the day, our products are designed to save you money, and if rescreening your old solar screen frames will save you enough money to pay for next month’s utility bill, than it may be the right choice!

To find out more about our products and services, or to discuss whether you should replace or rescreen your window screens, feel free to contact Screens Unlimited today by calling 623-399-4942.

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Condo and Apartment Sunscreens Make for Comfortable Living

Apartment Solar ScreensUniformity In a Community

Custom made sun screens are an excellent way to provide a uniform look to a condo or apartment community.  Often times over the years these type of buildings have lost the appeal of conformity that make them look clean and aesthetically pleasing. Whether the window screens were lost, stolen, or just worn out over many years of constant sun exposure they can make a place look run down if not replaced.   Installing custom made solar screens on an apartment or condo community is the perfect addition to a possible renovation or overhaul that will rejuvenate the look giving all the windows uniformity while providing privacy for the residents and best of all adding energy efficiency that is unmatched for the cost.

Short and Long Term Returns

The addition of sun screens to an Apartment or Condo community have both short and long term returns associated with them.   First of all, they provide additional value to potential tenants, renters, or purchasers who may be looking to live there.   New buyers or renters will undoubtedly notice the overall appearance of the community, and potentially the uniformity that often makes them appealing and look well maintained.

As for a slightly longer term return on investment, these custom sunscreens provide energy efficiency that goes unmatched by any other method of improvement available in the residential application when compared to cost.  Often times these energy efficient screens will pay for themselves within only a few years by reducing the monthly energy bills by up to 30%.  Whether this savings is passed on to the renter or directly to the owner(s) the buildings will save on both utilities, and also keep the air conditioner from running too much reducing the wear and tear on one of the most expensive pieces of a residence.

HOA Funds For Condos

Every Homeowner’s association is responsible for appropriating funds to bettering the community.  Often times sunscreen replacement ends up in the discussion for one of those things to be added.   The information in this article is meant to help make that decision easier.   Custom sunscreens for a large community can be very reasonably priced due to the volume discounts created by having many buildings.  Screens Unlimited works with HOA’s to provide the best possible prices, while maintaining quality throughout an organized process of measuring, fabricating, and installation.  Please feel free to get in touch with one of our team members to discuss how Screens Unlimited may be able to meet your screening needs.

Apartment Owner Paid Utilities

Apartment owners and investors in Phoenix have been moving to a new structure in providing free utilities in order to simplify the renting process.  Many of these apartments have a central unit that provides air to the entire complex or sections of the complex.  Often times with older units, this can be difficult to manage air flow and provide comfortable living for some or many units.  In our experience,  adding sunscreens not only provides investors with a large cost reduction in running the central air, it also has shown to reduce the inside temperatures of units by up to 12 degrees on jobs that Screens Unlimited has tested.  This can help equalize the temperatures and provide huge utilities savings that pay for the cost in only a few years.  There are often times SRP rebates that can be taken advantage of in these cases.  For more information on how Screens Unlimited may be able to assist your community, give us a call or send us an email by visiting our contact page.

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Textilene 80% And 90% Sun Screen Fabric Statistics And Information

Textilene: The Wonder Shade Fabric


textilene 90% fabric for sun screen installationTextilene is a synthetic fabric made from a mixture of polyester fabrics that are covered with a layer of PVC.  This is an extremely strong and durable fabric that can withstand strong winds, tears, and UV rays.  This very strong fabric is one of the backbones of the sun screen fabric business.  Sun screen manufacturers make good use of Textilene’s durability in patio, pool, and porch screens.  There are many benefits to the Textilene fabric: it is highly resistant to tears and punctures, it is mildew resistant, it is highly durable and strong, and it has a 10 year limited warranty, and allows air to flow freely through it without letting the bugs in.


The US Department of Energy states that to reduce heat build-up in a house, you need to increase the amount of shading on the outside windows.  Research shows that 40% of heat buildup and loss is through doors and windows.  Shading the exposed windows in a house will reduce the temperatures in the house by as much as 20 degrees.  Window shadings like blinds or drapes do not reflect, block or absorb the rays before they hit the window glass.  Textilene solar screen panels on the outside of the windows absorb a high volume of the sun’s rays while letting you still enjoy maximum visibility.


The two most popular and sought after Textilene solar fabrics deliver 80% and 90% sun blocking power.  They are both a plain weave solar screen fabric made up of vinyl coated polyester coated yarn.  Both of these Textilene fabrics come in great colors, and widths. Open air structures of the Textilene fabric have been used to create covered playgrounds in extremely hot sunny climates, thus providing optimum UV protection for children when they head outside to play.  Large swimming pools are also covered in large Textilene awnings to provide protection for the occupants from the harmful rays of the sun.  The fabric allows the air to flow through without allowing the harmful rays to penetrate.


Textilene covered windows will lower your energy bills, reduce the glare and harmful rays of the sun, provide a fade protection for carpets and drapes in your windows, reduce heat transfer into the house, will provide a dust filter when the windows are open, and allow great air circulation when the windows are open during the spring and fall months of the year.  Textilene coverings on your windows also provide a feeling of security to the homeowner.  It is nice to be able to look out f your home and know that others cannot see into your bedrooms.

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Sun Screens In Arizona Create Comfortable Living Spaces

Enjoy The Hot Summer Under The Screens


Sun screens installed on west side of phoenix homeIf you have spent a summer in Arizona then you understand that the days extend into the triple digits and the air is so sweltering that it just really takes your breath away.  Living in this dry, very hot climate takes some getting used to.  It is a really good idea to chat with the resident locals and figure out how they deal with the extreme heat and combat the high utility bills in the summer months.  People do a lot of different things to keep their homes cool and comfortable, their patios screened and protected so that their kids can play outside, and their utilities from being incredibly high.  With a little bit of know how and investment, you too can learn enjoy living in this intense heat.


Many families choose to install roll down sun screens on their porch and patio areas so that their families can actually go outside during the heat of the day.  These roll down sun shades screen out about 60-80% of the light and heat that shines down.  These roll down shades can transform a boiling hot patio into a comfortable place for your kids to play.  Some homeowners chose to use a roll out screen over a portion of their swimming pools as well.  This protected area over the pool allows homeowners to be able to enjoy their pools even in the heat of the day, instead of only in the early morning and evening. Small children and older people are more apt to want to swim if the pool area has some sun protection for them.  Many people also choose to install retractable awnings on their patio areas to protect the area from the heat of the day.


Having sun screens on the windows is also a great added benefit to any home situated in the hot Arizona climate.  The sun screens are made of a dense woven fabric or vinyl that  provide a sense of security during the day, offer economy and comfort year round, let in soft light and small breezes, and protects your drapes and blinds from sun damage.  Sun screens keep your home cooler and more comfortable.  After installation of sunscreens you will notice that your home is cooler and more comfortable.  You will also notice quite a difference in your utility bills; they will be lower.


Sun screens will make a different to the overall comfort in your home. The screens provide a great insulating barrier between the window and the inside of the house.  They can be ordered in a variety of colors and textures to match the style of your home.


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Quality Patio Sliding Screen Doors In Phoenix

Screens Let The Cool Air Inside


Arizona Quality Sliding Screen Door InstallationQuality patio sliding screen doors are just a must for people who love to have their home open during the spring and summer months.  Those areas that enjoy extended summer months, like Phoenix, Arizona for instance, can keep their homes open pretty much all year as the climate is so warm during the winter months.  Without the invention of screens, for windows and doors, certain really humid areas of the United States would not have been settled.  It is commonly known that without screens and air-conditioning, the South would still be uninhabitable.  Screen doors allow homeowners to enjoy the breezes and air of the outside without allowing all the annoying little bugs and insects, like mosquitoes, inside.


Quality patio screen doors are a must in order to enjoy the cool evening temperatures, but are there to separate you from insects that could annoy you.  Flies, moths, and flying bugs of all kinds seem to love to settle down where people are present.  Flies are drawn over when food is being cooked on the outside barbeque, and moths settle in as soon as the evening patio lights are turned on. Mosquitoes can be kept away from people areas with citronella candles and sprays, but it is important that you have well-fitted, secure screen doors on all openings to keep all those flying insects outside your home.  A good patio screen door is also beneficial if you love to cook aromatic foods.  When that happens, it is good to be able to open all the doors into the house so that the smell can escape.  The screen doors allow the kitchen smells to escape and allow the outside air to replace it.


Quality screen doors should fit well and have a lock on them.  Many homeowners are constantly replacing their flimsy screen doors as they do not stand up to constant wear and tear, and many larger dogs are able to nose them open or push them completely off when running through the house.  It is important to make sure to keep the screen door runners, under the door, clean and moving smoothly.  Clean out any buildup debris that settles on the runners after rain and windy conditions.


A quality patio screen door will also allow natural light into the kitchen or family room.  When the door is open to the outside more natural light is allowed into the home and people will turn off artificial lighting sources.  So it does save on energy costs to have the door open.  A quality patio sliding screen door will last a long time if it is well maintained.


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Shade Screens In Phoenix Pay For Themselves Fast

Shade Screens Lower Utility Bills


After your first summer living in the Arizona heat, many new homeowners usually decide that they need to get some relief from the intense summer heat that is making live unlivable even in their air-conditioned house, and from the large utility bills that find their way into your mailbox from June to September.  So you can either sit in a cold bath in the house all day and never go out, or you can start researching what others who live there are doing to combat the intense heat.  Many people first make sure that their air-conditioning unit is working at optimum efficiency and then move on to ways that they can lower the sun’s impact on the windows thus reducing the amount of thermal heat entering the house.  Shade screens are an effective way to reduce the impact of the rays on the windows and patio areas.


Shade screens can be installed in a lot of different places.  They can be installed outside windows and roll down shade screens can be installed to roll down in a patio area and limit the amount of sun focused there.  Shade screens can change the look of your home so making sure that the ones you choose are consistent with the look and feel of your home is important.  The roll down shade screens are great for windows that have no natural protection from light and glare.  The roll down shade screens are used to control the amount of sunlight that goes into a room or on to a patio.


Shade screens are manufactured out of a versatile fabric that prevents 80%-90% of the sun’s light from penetrating.  There are many options of fabrics and vinyl to choose from, and a great assortment of colors.  The darker and denser fabrics will filter out the sun completely.  The lighter shades and densities of fabrics will allow certain amounts of the sun’s rays to penetrate.  The thicker fabrics also stop the wind from penetrating the blind area, so that is also a big help with energy conservation.  You will need to decide what each room is primarily used for and then decide the type of fabric that you want the shade to be made out of.  A study area where people read and work on computers might need a lighter fabric than a bedroom that is primarily used for resting and sleeping.


The initial outlay for shade screens is going to be a real investment in your home, but when you are living more comfortably and getting lower utility bills in the upcoming year, you will see the financial rewards of these shade screens.

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Exterior Sun Screens Block The Heat Before It Hits The Glass

Exterior Sun Screens Block The Heat

If you are a homeowner in an extremely warm climate, like central California or Arizona, a good portion of your paycheck will be allocated towards keeping your residence cooler and livable in the summer months.  When the temperatures rise into the triple digits, is can become suffocating hot and miserable to be outside.  Researching ways to keep your home cool becomes a reality after those utility bills for July and August hit the mailbox. There are several way to keep your home cooler on hot summer days: keep the house locked up tight and the drapes and shutters closed during the day to retain the cooler air inside from getting out, planting large shade trees that will provide some coverage in the yard and on the house, or installing some of the new energy efficient exterior sun screens that block the heat before it even hits the glass.

Installing exterior sun screens to the outside of the windows will lower the temperatures in your home, therefore, lowering the energy output to keep the house at a livable temperature. The woven material that the sun screens are made from reduces the heat from the sun by reducing the light that is absorbed. The heat and light are reflected away from the window glass underneath.  So the shade reduces the amount of light and heat that hits the window glass and that is transmitted into the house.  Research shows that a windows solar heat gain can be reduced from as much as 30%-60% percent.  Those types of figures can have a huge impact on your energy bills.

Sun screens also allow homeowners the flexibility of opening or closing the windows underneath the screens to allow the air to move back and forth when needed.  The sun screens can also be drawn up in the winter months to encourage more solar heat to enter and warm the house, thus lowering the heating costs during the cooler months of the year. Many of the newer styles of sun screens are really user friendly.  They are lowered or lifted at the touch of a button.  They can also be lowered or lifted to certain heights on the windows.  Another benefit of the sunscreens is that while they let the air to circulate through, they keep the pesky bugs at bay.

Install energy saving exterior sun screens to block the heat before it even hits your windows.  You will see your energy bills reduce dramatically after installation of these great energy saving screens, while keeping the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter when they are raised.

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Exterior Mounted Sun Screens Phoenix Effect on Real Estate

The Arizona real estate market has taken its fair share of downward spikes in the past 5 years, and if you are looking to sell your home for what it was worth before the crash of phoenix real estate, you may need to have something extra to offer your buyers like exterior mounted sun screens.  There are tens of thousands of Phoenix homes on the market, and each one unique in their own way.  Exterior mount sun screens are a great addition to any Phoenix residence, and could be the one thing that sets your house apart from the rest.

Everyone who lives in Phoenix or has lived in Phoenix, knows that our summers are among the hottest of anywhere in the world.  And let’s face it, the way contractors were building houses in Phoenix in the early 2000’s in less than a months time from start to finish, almost every new home these days is less efficient that desired, and could benefit from exterior sun screens on the windows.  Exterior mount sun screens are an upgrade that pays for themselves, and would give any potential homebuyers the peace of mind that your home is more efficient than the ones without.  They add comfort and privacy to your home and protect your furniture and expensive rugs from harmful UV rays.

Exterior solar sun screens are extremely cost effective, and add great value to your home.  Sunscreens add pride of ownership, and they give confidence to homebuyers that the house was well taken care of.  Potential Phoenix homebuyers see sunscreens as a preventative to premature failure on your air conditioning unit.  Exterior sunscreens also protect your window seals and trim pieces from warping or failing due to the extreme heat of the direct sun.  The people looking to buy your home will appreciate your investment into solar sun screens as much as you do.  Believe it or not, the cost of your utility bills can be a major factor for many Phoenix homebuyers, and if you have exterior sunscreens on your home, your utilities will be noticeably less than the competing homes for sale.  Every detail counts when trying to sell your home, and having exterior sunscreens is one detail that should not be overlooked before trying to sell your house.  If you have been questioning whether or not to install exterior sun screens on your home, contact Screens Unlimited sun screen company today for an estimated sun screen quote to see what value you can add to your home.

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Phoenix Damage Control Solar Screen Replacement Company

Quality Solar Window Screen Replacement Company in Phoenix

Solar screen replacement is something that is as common in Phoenix as the purchase of brand new solar sun screens for the very first time.  Sun screens in Phoenix have come a long ways in the last 15 years, and the solar screen products are much better than they used to be, however, nothing lasts forever.  Phoenix solar screens, despite fabric manufacturer claims to be warranted for lifetime just are not going to look the same as the day they were installed and ten to fifteen years of dust storms, rain, sun, and general wear and tear on your Phoenix solar sun screens.  Sun screens replacements in Phoenix are typically cheaper than installing window sun screens for the first time.  This reason for this is that the time of installation of the sunscreens is reduced because the hardware is already in place.

Phoenix Window Sun Screen Rescreening with Original Screen Frames

Depending on the quality of the original solar screen product that was installed on your Phoenix home, the option to simply replace the solar screen fabric is often a viable one.  Assuming the solar screen frame is of current industry standard of one inch by seven-sixteenths, and has not changed aesthetically in the Phoenix sun, it can save the homeowner money.  Especially, if there are a lot of windows.  There are times however that it is not suggested to go with the old solar window screen frames.  For instance, if the frames are not big or strong enough to hold the heavier solar screen fabrics that are currently being used or the frame corners are plastic or not sturdy.  The last thing anyone wants is to spend the money on replacing the fabric on their window screens, and not be happy with the outcome because the frame will not hold the fabric taut.  There are also times where the frames may be plenty sturdy to hold the new age fabrics, however the paint has degraded to the point of no return.  In this case it is much more cost effective to replace the frames with new solar screen frames and corners than it would be to attempt to re-paint or powder coat the old frames.

Storm Damaged Solar Window Sun Screen Replacement

There has been many times through the past few years where mother nature has decided to take the wheel and show her strength, while taking it out on the Phoenix sunscreens.  High winds, hail damage, and other inclimate weather has contributed to the overall window sun screen replacement count in Phoenix.  Although in most cases the solar screens are held tight against the window with barrel clips, there are times when they may have gotten just a little loose during window cleaning or just simply could not match up against the micro-bursts that Phoenix witnesses at certain times of the year.  In-climate weather and natural disasters like the hail storm back in November of 2010 are a large part of window screen replacements in Phoenix, and are typically not covered by the installers workmanship warranty.

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Desert Ridge Solar Window Screen Installations

Located In North Phoenix:

Desert Ridge is located North of Tatum and the 101 Freeway, and is home to many Phoenix residents that have to bare the heat of the summer.  Homes in the Desert Ridge area range from 1500 to 6000 square feet and average about 25 windows per residence.  With the windows being the primary source of heat gain on a typical house, it is very common for residents to install sunscreens on their Desert Ridge home.

Window Screen Sun Screen Fabric Colors are Very Important to Consider:
The homes in Desert Ridge often have similar colors to one another, and the window screen colors are in most cases chosen based off the aesthetic match of the home.  Since the homes in the Desert Ridge area have more of an earthy tone, the most common sun screen fabric color is brown.  This matches nicely with the tan colors that most of the houses in the Desert Ridge area have.  In addition to the sun blocking screen fabric, the window screen frame must match as well. The majority of the window frames in the Desert Ridge area are what the sunscreen industry calls Champagne or Adobe.  Therefore, it only makes sense that the sunscreens in Desert Ridge also get installed with a champagne or adobe colored sun screen frame.  Due to the standard installation methods of sunscreens with barrel clips, it is best to stick with the same sunscreen covering frame color as the factory window frames.  If you do not use the same window sun screen frame color as the factory window frame with the industry standard installation with barrel clips, then there will be a section of the window frame around the outside of the installed window sunscreen frame that shows through as such color, and in most cases will not be appealing.

Solar Window Sun Screen Window Screen Percent Blockage:

Another aspect of window sunscreens installations in the Desert Ridge area besides the sunscreen frame, is the amount of protection to use.  This of course meaning the percent of sun protection the sunscreen fabric choice offers.  In most cases, the options are for an eighty or ninety percent solar sun screen fabric.  In the Desert Ridge area, there are many beautiful green-belts and natural desert landscapes that offer a wonderful view for the many two story homes.  This is often important when considering the eighty or ninety percent window screen fabric on your Desert Ridge home.  Obviously the installation of sun screens are to do just that… Screen the sun. But the outward visibility should be considered as well, especially when there are views involved.  The ninety percent window covering sun screen fabric offers very good sun protection, however the eighty percent sunscreen fabric offers only ten percent less sun protection while maintaining a surprisingly excellent view and outward visibility.  These are some of the very important window sun screen decisions to make when installing sunscreens on your home in Desert Ridge.

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