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Custom Solar Sun Screens

Our Custom Solar Sun Screens are specifically designed to block the heat from the sun’s rays while maintaining the best possible outward visibility. They increase the efficiency of your cooling system by preventing the heat from entering your home through the glass of your windows. In Addition, custom solar screens provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays that can damage carpet, furniture, and even the integrity of the window seals themselves.

By blocking the sun before it is able to pass the heat through the window glass through a process called convection, the solar screens effectively keep your home significantly cooler and therefore allow the cooling system to run more efficiently throughout the home.

Installing solar window screens is the single best investment for a home that has rooms that are uncomfortable and an a/c unit that runs constantly. Energy saving sun screens save you money with an excellent return on investment of only a couple of years in many cases. Solar sunscreens will help you save money and energy, which in turn is good for the environment.

Our quality solar screen product is made in the USA, and assembled locally in our own shop, ensuring that we can guarantee the best quality available. Our sturdy frame and durable vinyl coated polyester fabric makes for a long lasting product that is the best in the industry. We have sun screen protection in both 80% and 90% weaves. Our product provides excellent privacy from the exterior of the home, as well as great outward visibility to maintain views. Our material has held up to the biggest of storms including the hail storm that came through Phoenix in 2011. We look forward to providing our excellent product and customer service on your sun screen project.

  • Solar Screens are a minimal up front investment that will help reduce your energy costs.
  • Your house will stay much cooler with Solar Screens shading its windows, therefore your A/C will not have to work as hard.
  • The results are Reduced Electric Bills.
  • The minimal investment in Solar Screens will quickly pay off within a short period of time.
  • Screens Unlimited LLC. “Quality a Must”