Window Sun Screens Colors and Percentages

Solar Window Sun Control Coverings

Window Sunscreens in Phoenix come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and specs.  Every Phoenix home has different window quantities, window orientations, and exterior objects that affect what solar screens get used, and where.  So how does someone decide what the best sunscreen choices are?  Besides calling the professionals at Screens Unlimited LLC, we can offer some of the tips to help in making the decision quicker here.

Window Screen Fabric Color Choices

When it comes to having professionally made solar window screens fabricated and installed, you want to make sure the color choice is one that you will be happy with for ever.  The vinyl-coated polyester sunscreen fabric comes in brown, black, beige, stucco(two-tone), grey, white, dark green.  The most common window sun screen fabric colors are the black and brown, mostly due to the earthy desert colors that the majority of Phoenix homes are painted.  As for what sunscreen fabric color choice is best for your home.  This should be determined by aesthetics most importantly, and effectiveness second.  The darker window screen colors are very slightly more effective, and tend to be easier to see out during the day.

Sun Control Fabric Percentage

If you think choosing a color option for your solar window coverings is too many options already, than this may overwhelm you.  As for solar control percentages, there are three options that vary in price, protection, and outward visibility.  The three sun protection percentages are 80%, 90%, and rarely used 95%.  The 80% and 90% sun control fabrics are most commonly used, and are available in all the standard colors.  The 80% sunscreen fabric is the least expensive, and it offers very good sun protection and great outward visibility.  In addition, the 80% window screen fabric offers great outward visibility, and maintains the best airflow from the factory bug screens.  The 90% sunscreen fabric offers great sun protection being an additional ten percent, and maintains a very good outward visibility despite of its extra protection.  The 90% sun control fabric offers great privacy, however, does restrict airflow a little more than the 80% fabric.  Often times it makes sense to use both percentages throughout the home depending on the sun orientation and location.  With the east and west sides of the house being getting the most intense sun, it makes most sense to compromise the airflow for the extra sun protective properties.  It is very common for people to use different percentages of solar screens in different rooms and sections of the house, as there is not a visible difference without thoroughly investigating. Lastly, there is the sun control fabric 95%, which is often not used for your fixed solar screen applications because of its very tight weave, and slightly higher pricing.  However, in a situation where absolute sun protection is most desired, the solar control screen fabric 95% is very effective, and it comes in black/brown, charcoal, and black color choices.

Hopefully this has offered a little bit of additional sun control fabric information to assist in the decision making process of having professionally installed sunscreens put on your home.  For more information or to schedule your sun screen consultation, feel free to contact Screens Unlimited LLC today at (623)399-4942.

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Solar Window Sun Screen Installation Methods

Although nearly every sunscreen company has there own preferential methods of installation, and they all may claim that theirs is the best sun screen installation method, there are several proper and improper ways to install a sun screen on a residential home.  All methods of installation have their positives and negatives, and there is no one answer for every job.  Some clients know exaclty how they would like their screens to be mounted, and others would prefer to trust the judgement of the professional to decide which screen installation process best suits the application.

The most common screen installation process is to use what are known as “Sun Screen Barrel Clips” to install the screen on the exterior of the window.  This application is a surface mount screen that overlaps the window frame while leaving just enough room for the “Barrel Clips” to be drilled into the metal surrounding frame.  A 7/16″ barrel clip best mounts with a 1″ self tapping screw that can be either 1/4″ hex driven, or philips head.  Once the “Barrel Clips” are secured, the screen can be put into place, and the clips can be turned so that the flat part of the clip secures over the face of the screen frame.  It is best to snug each of the mounting screws by hand to ensure a tight fit, yet not to overtighten, and accidentally strip the aluminum window frame hole.  As with every method of screen installation, it is most important to be sure that any and all mounting hardware and screws are not placed in a location that will either break or cause damage to the window glass or seal.  It is up to the professional to determine the engineering of the window, and decide whether it is safe to drill.

A less common, but sometimes necessary method of window screen installations is to use 1″ self tapping screws for a direct mount application.  In this case, the screen is simply mounted directly to the window frame with screws that pass through the screen frame.  This method is sometimes used when there is just not enough room for the barrel clips, and in order to have full coverage without gaps on the sides or top of the window screen the screen frame has to cover all of what window frame is there.  Although it makes it slightly more difficult to remove for cleaning, it is also the most sturdy and sound method of installation, in that, it will not come off the window unless you take it off.  All of the same safe drilling practices are suggested when executing this method of window screen installation as well.

Those are two of the most common methods of sun screen installation in Phoenix.  There are many other variations of installations for window screens that can be discussed, and all of them are equally as relative to deciding which you would prefer.  Feel free to call Screens Unlimited LLC at (623)399-4942 to discuss your options, or wait to see some of our other blog posts as well.

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Why you may need to replace your worn out Insect Screens

Every home in Arizona has, or has had window screens at some point, and of some kind.  Most common are the factory window screens that come standard with every window manufacturer.  They are simply 5/16″ x 3/4″ frames with your typical bug or insect screen designed as you guessed it. To keep the bugs out.  In addition, they also offer the essence of outdoor airflow during the times of the day and night that offer optimal temperatures and conditions.  Whether you desire the fresh natural odors of the desert, or the cool breeze that rolls in after dark, standard window bug screens are great to have, and always needed.  Screens Unlimited builds these factory replacement window screens for residents throughout the valley.

Since many homes in Arizona have history, there is often many reasons as to why an Phoenix home may be missing these factory window screens.  Although every new home should come with the bug screens that come with the new windows, it is not uncommon that the screens get set to the side for the installations, and can be misplaced or lost during the construction process.  In neighborhoods where there are multiple homes being built at once, there too is the possibility that theft could take place as well, as window screens are made of aluminum, and scrappers are known to wonder through construction sites looking for things that are easy to scrap.  Another common problem is when the screens get damaged while being stored and never get installed or re-ordered before the house is complete.  Missing screens are more common however on older homes that have had multiple owners through the years.  In this case, who really knows what happened to the window screens.

Damaged insect screens are very common as well.  There are multiple ways that these screens get to be damaged including the following instances:

For one, removing and installing factory screens can often be difficult if the screens are slightly too big.  In this case, many times the frame gets bent or kinked, and can never be straightened to its original integrity.  This can also cause a twisting when removing that can cause the factory window screen plastic corners to break or snap.  Again, a non-repairable problem.

Secondly, pets and kids can be very rough on these OEM window screens.  Pushing and scratching will either break the frame, snap the corner, or tear the fabric.

Lastly, the Arizona sun does the most damage to window screens over time.  The sun causes the factory corners to become brittle and essentially impossible to handle without breaking, and will rot the fiberglass insect mesh to the point where a simple grazing of a blunt object with create giant holes and tears that create entry points for all the bugs.

Screens Unlimited is one of the valleys premier window screen companies, and can help with any of the aforementioned window screen problems.  Whether they are broken, damaged, missing, or stolen Screens Unlimited has the replacement screens that you need to keep the bugs out, and allow the comfortable breezy air in.

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Phoenix Window Solar Pet and Child Proof Screens

Are your Phoenix Sunscreens Pet Proof?

Many Arizona residents currently have some type of sun screen over their windows.  Whether they are old, new, black, or brown, not all solar window screens can hold up to the pet abuse from cats and dogs.  Some sunscreens have a fiberglass weave that is brittle and easily damaged.  Although they do what any other sunscreen does, you may have a big dog, or a curious cat that is seconds away from destroying your window or door screens.

Vinyl Coated Solar Window Screens are the Solution!

Most new solar screens are considered pet or child resistant.  This is because the new sunscreen material is a vinyl-coated polyester weave that can withstand a considerable amount of abuse.  The sun screen fabric has a memory, and in most cases will return to its original state when stress is applied to it by either a dogs paw, a cats loving, or even a children’s toy.  Although it is still a fabric, and can be cut with sharp objects, the sunscreens are quite durable when it comes to blunt objects pushing or leaning on them.


A good Pet Proof Screen Starts with the Frame.

Despite how stong the new sunscreen fabrics can be, if you do not use a stong and sturdy window or door screen frame, it won’t matter.  Industry standard sunscreen frame is 1″ x 7/16″ extruded aluminum.  Anything less is not enough.  Using a less than standard size frame decreases the integrity of the entire sun screen and makes it much more likely to get ruined if pushed on by a pet or human.  Small frames are typically also thinner material which means the sunscreen frame will bend or even break when pressure is applied to the sunscreen material.  A good pet resistant solar window screen comes with a strong frame.

Most common ways to accidentally Destroy A Sunscreen.

There are several different ways that a sun screen window or door can get ruined.  The most common pet related sun screen door accident is when your dog is inside the house, and decides to run after a moving object in the back yard. With a pet resistant frame and material, unless you have a Great Dane, you are most likely just going to have a confused little puppy.  Another common solar sunscreen accident is caused by outside pets that want to come in.  They push, paw, and scratch to get your attention, while destroying the average sun screen.  Vinyl-coated solar screens withstand well against these and many other instances where the average solar sun screen would fail.  Keep that in mind next time you go to purchase Sunscreens for your home if you have pets and/or kids.

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Save Your Insect Screens For the Winter Months Or Get Rid of Them

Removing Solar Screens and Replacing Factory Bug Screens. Worth It?

There are often times differing opinions as to whether it is worth the hassle of removing your Arizona Solar Screens during the cool winter months.  There are obviously plenty of benefits to removing sunscreens, and replacing them with the original bug screens.  Otherwise, nobody would do it.  Likewise, there are plenty of reasons for leaving the solar sun screens up for the winter despite some beliefs.  Either way, you don’t want to get caught without one or the other unless you plan to invest in a bug zapper.
Benefits to Swapping Sunscreens with Insect Screens During Fall and spring in Phoenix.

Probably the most prominent reason why people take the time each season to remove their solar window screens, and replace them with their factory bugscreens is for the free daytime heating.  Solar Heat Gain, which is exactly the reason we all want the sunscreens in the summer is very limited when they are left up.  Factory insect screen allows the heat to transfer right through into the house on a sunny day.  In addition, there is the airflow.  There are plenty of nights throughout the year that are perfect for cross ventilation, and the original bug screens offer much more air to pass through than the average sun screen material.

Reasons to keep your Solar Sun Screens Up all year in Arizona.

Solar Window Screens are an excellent way to keep the heat out in the summer, but Privacy is also a big reason why many Phoenix Residents install sunscreens.  This is likely the number one reason most Phoenix homeowners choose to leave their solar screens up all year.  But for those of you who don’t care about the privacy, here are a couple of other benefits you may not be thinking about for leaving your sun screens up.  First, many Phoenix residents do not have a surplus of storage area, and those that do choose to keep things neat and tidy.  Having a set of bugscreens and sunscreens usually means unwanted clutter, as they are typically not the easiest thing to store due to their awkward sizes.  Most Solar window screens are not going to go into the attic.  Secondly, is the insulating properties that the new solar screen fabrics offer.  Believe it or not, sunscreens offer an additional layer of insulation that will help keep the heat in at night as well.  Sun screens do a great job of equalizing the temperature of a house throughout even in the Arizona winter months.  Lastly, and equally important, is the unexpected hot days that occur in Phoenix throughout the “cooler” months.  There are plenty of days in Phoenix where the temperature is cool enough outside, but due to the power of the sun, your house is an uncomfortable temperature. As stated before, sun screens help to keep the temperature in your house a steady temperature all day and night.

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Arizona Screen Door Applications New and Improved

Single French Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable Screen Doors are a great addition to a household that likes to keep their doors open, but can’t stand the flys and bugs that come with it.  Most single swinging french style doors do not come with any screen option.  Retractable screen doors are the best answer to that very problem.  Swinging screen doors are often cheaply made, and the functionality is a pain.  Retractable, or Disappearing Screen Doors are great because they retract away when not in use, but function as well if not better than most swinging screen door applications.
Double French Door Retractable Screen Doors

If you have, or have ever had a double door, you understand that they are a great way to open up your house to a feeling of space, and airflow.  The only problem is the constant breach of unwanted guests.  Before there were Double Retractable Screen Doors, the only options were to put double swinging doors, as if having to original doors that swing was not enough, and/or sliding screen doors that can either be slid left or right, leaving one side constantly blocked.  Double Disappearing Screens allows you to open both main doors and maintain a good barrier for bugs, while offering breezes to pass through, and unobstructed views.  Retractable Screen Doors then disappear into their quality streamline casings and become unnoticeable and just apart of the framework.

Rollaway Retractable Screen Door Manufacturer

There are several different Retractable Screen Door manufacturers available, but when choosing quality and durability, Rollaway Retractable Screen Doors are the way to go.  Other Screen Door companies have similar products that either look less appealing, or are architecturally less evolved.  Upon many months of research and hands on experience, Rollaway Retractable Screen Doors proved to be the best overall product when it comes to a quality Disappearing Screen Door.

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Factory Screen Door Replacement. Quality Vs. Original

Factory Arcadia Door Sliding Screen

Your average factory sliding patio screen is often flimsy and cheap.  Even many factory sliding screen replacements are not much better. Most lower quality sliding screen doors are made of thin roll formed aluminum.  Factory Screen Doors have plastic handles and plastic wheels that wear out fast, or break.  In most cases, the springs on the factory screen doors aren’t strong enough to hold the door up, causing the screen door to bind when trying to operate the door. The simple fact is, if a sliding patio door company supplied a screen door that was included with the original patio door, it is likely that the supplied screen door will not function as preferred, and in most cases not at all.

Top Quality Sliding Screen Patio Doors

Quality is often times overlooked when shopping for a sliding screen door.  Good quality sometimes gets taken for granted and crutial funtions are missed.  So what does a “Top Quality Sliding Screen Door” look like? How does it function better than the rest?  Well, it all starts with a sturdy extruded aluminum screen door frame.  If the infrastructure of the screen door is solid, it will withstand more use, higher quality components, heavier duty fabrics and mechanics.  Next important trait of what makes a quality sliding screen is all-metal construction. No plastic screen door handles. No plastic sliding screen door wheels.  No plastic corners.  Lastly, but not least, a high quality patio screen door should have a high quality powder-coated paint job that looks nice and lasts as long as the door does.

Marquis Sliding Patio Screen Doors

When it comes to quality sliding screen doors, it only makes sense that the best quality door would have a name like the “Marquis Sliding Screen Door”.  The Marquis Slider is equipped with a 2 1/2″ Extruded .o60 Aluminum Frame.  The Marquis Sliding Screen Door comes with solid ball bearing wheels, and an all metal handle system and lock.  The Marquis slider screen has metal internal corners with a precise mitred corner that holds strong.  The finish is a powder coated paint that comes in standard window and door frame colors. This custom made Patio Screen Door is the Cadillac of sliding screen doors from its construction and smooth function to the aesthetically pleasing and well finished looks.

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Solar Sun Screens Block The Sun Not The View!

Solar Sun Screen Shade Benefits

Sun Screen Shades are an excellent way to add comfort to your home while providing privacy and saving money.  Solar Screens are reasonably priced, and often times sunscreens pay for themselves within a few years by reducing the cost of utility bills. Anyone who lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area should have Solar Sun Screens installed professionally.

Sun Shade Screen Applications

Exterior Solar Sun Shades are installed for many different reasons and applications.  Sun Screens are typically attached to the exterior of your windows which prevents the solar rays from hitting the glass and penetrating the interior in the form of heat.

Custom Sunscreen Shapes and Sizes

Sun Screens are always custom made to fit each window individually allowing the most precise fitment.  Sunscreens are made for all window shapes and sizes.  Solar Sun Screen Frames are heavy duty and in the case where the there are Over-sized Window Shades, decorative and supportive spreader bars are used to ensure strength and durability over time.




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