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Retractable Screen Doors

Screens Unlimited LLC, works with the best of manufacturers for everything they install which includes the Well designed Mirage® retractable screen doors and windows (or otherwise known as Disappearing Screens).

Mirage® retractable window screens and screen doors are designed to look good in your home while providing comfort, convenience, and freedom from flies and other insects. Sliding into their housings, they disappear, exposing the view from your windows and doors.

Employing the highest quality materials with recognized engineering skill, Mirage® products are easily installed and will last the lifetime of the building when properly maintained. Mirage® window screens and doors enhance the beauty and dignity of a well-planned home. Contact Us today for a free quote on these great products for your home or place of business.

Mirage Retractable Door

Mirage Door Closed

Retractable screen doors

Retractable screen doors


  • Easy Release Handle
  • Innovative Design
  • Special Wire Options Available including Sun-Control Screening
  • Best Screen Solution for French Doors
  • Teflon infused pull bar guides
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in Eight Popular Colors
  • Custom Colors also Available
  • Proprietary Brass Bushing
  • Factory Balanced Roller Tube
  • Optional patented HydraGlide speed reducer


  • Rolls Away When Not Needed
  • Lowest Cost
  • Top Quality
  • Maintenance Free
  • Spring Tension Allows Life-Long Fitting
  • Keeps Insects Out
  • Lets Breeze In

Disclaimer of Warranty
Solar Screens Unlimited’s liability under this warranty is limited to the conditions above and in no events will Solar Screens Unlimited be responsible for shipping, labor, removal of Product, installation of replacement Product, finishing expenses or other charges, costs or claims incurred by the consumer. No implied warranty, including warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose shall apply to the Product (or any replacement) beyond the duration of this written warranty.

Mirage® Screen Door Maintenance
Warm soapy water recommended for cleaning painted and anodized surfaces. Do not use petroleum, aromatic, aliphatic, acetone, or ammonia-based cleaners on any surface. Powdered cleaners or abrasive cleaning materials are also not recommended. The use of these cleaners or solvents will damage the surface and will void the warranty.

The screen fabric can be lightly brushed with a soft broom or brush to remove dust accumulation. A damp sponge with mild soapy water can be used for cleaning. Avoid the use of any petroleum solvents or plasticizers on the screen surface.

Keep the top and bottom tracks free of debris and obstructions. Every 60-90 days, dependent upon usage of door screen system, the use of a spray silicone applied directly to the tracks will aid in the roller operation.