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Custom Window Screen Products

” We custom make the BEST solar screens one can find for their home’s windows, using only the BEST (strongest made) solar screen materials available, meticulously installed using our BEST crafted installation methods and techniques, as the BEST Solar Screen Services ‘Value’ in the Phoenix, AZ area ! ”

If you find a competitor in the Phoenix, AZ area with a better installed solar screen price than us, then you can ‘be assured’ that they are cutting corners that we refuse to.

Phoenix is known for our long hot summer days. And if you have windows facing into the southern or western sun you know how much glare and heat can poor through those windows! With energy costs on the rise again, this added heat is also adding electricity costs every month.

Solar Screens

Solar Window Screens provide efficiency improvements while improving the look of your home. We use only the highest quality Pfifer materials in gray, black, tan, brown, or stucco. While we primarily find the 80% density mesh to provide the best balance of efficiency and visibility, you can also choose our 70% mesh (greater visibility but it blocks less heat) or 90% mesh (increased efficiency blocking heat), or additionally the 90% super solar screen.

The U.S. Dept. of Energy says in its 1994 study, that shading the outside exposed windows or doors is the best way to stop heat build up. The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse says that roughly 40% of heat build-up and heat loss is through windows and doors. External shading is the most effective home treatment to counter these effects. Shading the exposed windows and doors can reduce temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. Exterior solar window shadings such indoor window film or blinds or insulated drapes do not block, reflect, or absorb the solar rays before they pass through the glass. The results are simple, heat builds up inside your home.

Sun Screens are made of, vinyl coated shading fabric in several colors and two densities, 80% & 90%. This material combined with an all aluminum 1″ wide by 7/16 inch thick frame makes a heavy-duty window or door shading screen that is as good as you can buy anywhere.

Our solar screens are factory direct and hand crafted to your specifications. We use premium Phifer Suntex material allowing breathtaking outward views with up to 100% heat reduction and efficiency. They come in several colors to help enhance your homes beauty.

We use Superior 1″ aluminum frame construction that is mitered cut and aligned for maximum strength and long lasting beauty. We also can add decorative center partition bars (gridwork) to any solar screen for a personal and appealing touch. Shade your windows from the outside. Solar screens are one of the few home improvements that pay for themselves year after year. Installed on the outside of your home for maximum protection, solar screens unique weave allow it to block the suns hot heat while maintaining excellent outward visibility.

If your looking for highest quality in solar screens and patio shades, then you came to the right place. We offer the most durable and efficient sun control products direct from our factory in sunny Phoenix AZ, shipped directly to your home or business anywhere.