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What our Screens Unlimited customers are saying…

“…it was important there be no outward appearance of [a solar window screen] installation having been made. And there isn’t. The window appears to have an ordinary screen and wouldn’t be noticeable to someone not looking for it.”

“During the summer months, the room became quite warm and the air conditioning was having trouble cooling the room. We tried a number of things that proved not to work. After having [Screens Unlimited solar window screens] installed, I was so impressed with the screens that I had them installed on another one of my homes. I’m here to tell you, as they were putting [the solar window screens] up, I could feel the difference in the temperature of the room. I really believe that [solar window screens] are a big help and would recommend them to anyone that is having trouble controlling the temperatures within their home. They also, look very attractive from the outside, as they provide an added architectural look to the existing windows in the home.”
Bill Pearson, Cave Creek, AZ

“We had a room that was 10-15 degrees warmer than the rest of the house with a 36 square foot double paned glass window that faced west. Once the Screens Unlimited screen was installed the room temperature dropped to the same as the rest of the house. Nothing else was changed and the [solar window screen] performed well. The look was great too. If you didn’t know that there was a screen in place you would never know it from the outside or inside. The grids matched the window perfectly and installation was quick and easy. My thanks to Jeremy or Jay and Simon who were very helpful and professional. I would recommend this product to anyone seeking to reduce heat gain through windows and I have. Since [my solar window screen] was installed several neighbors and friends have also had Screens Unlimited screens installed on their homes.”
Terry Potter North Phoenix, AZ

“I LOVE IT !! I have been telling others about it actually. A western exposure brought extensive afternoon heat to my living room. Not only did this create higher cooling expenses, it caused fading of the living room fabrics which were in line with the sun’s rays. The installation of Screens Unlimited [solar window screens] over the windows solved both issues immediately. The living area is now useable in afternoons. Screens Unlimited is not expensive and I strongly encourage its use for anyone with direct sun exposure.”
Shelby Wynn; Scottsdale, AZ

“I was impressed from my very first contact with Screens Unlimited. After seeing [Screens Unlimited solar window screens] on the Phoenix news, I e-mailed them and received a telephone call back from them that evening! Having recently put a large addition on our house, I was used to dealing with contractors who failed to show up, call, or return to complete their project. That was certainly not the case with Screens Unlimited. We made an appointment, and they arrived on time. Their estimate was fair. An installation appointment was made, and again they arrived on time and the estimate did not change. Several months later, I had a slight problem with the installation. I called and Screens Unlimited said they would return to fix the problem on Wednesday. I was amazed as I called late in the afternoon on Monday to report the problem. True to his word, he arrived Wednesday morning to repair the installation problem. It required making part of a new screen. No cost. There was never any argument about who or what caused the problem; just a pleasant attitude and a quick repair! Not only did I receive excellent customer satisfaction, my new [solar window screen] makes my exercise/computer room sooo much more comfortable without me losing the view! I love the added benefit of having privacy from my neighbors. I could not be happier!”
Larry Gauble; Glendale, AZ

“We are very pleased with your product of Screens Unlimited solar screens for our home. It is truly amazing how we struggled with bright sunlight and heat in our family room that faces due West. After [Screens Unlimited] installed the screens we have seen a big difference. It’s so nice now to keep our shades up and enjoy the golf course view. Many thanks for your [solar window screen] product and quick installation. Would recommend your product to anyone.”
Leslie Curtis; Valley of the Sun, AZ

“I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Screens Unlimited screens. We had [the solar window screens] installed in the summer of 2008 and noticed a nice reduction in our electric bill this summer. But the comfort level in those rooms was even better! Those rooms used to get blasted with the afternoon sun and now they are much cooler, not to mention more private, as it is harder to see in from the outside. They are also easy to remove for window cleaning and re-attach. Thank you so much for a great product!”
Craig Stafford; Paradise Valley, Arizona

“Screens Unlimited Solar Sun Screens has been the most impressive and most surprising product that I have purchased in the past 10 years. Originally I became interested in [a solar window screen] for my bedroom windows to cut down the amount of early morning sun entering the room. I have since had the entire front of my house done with Screens Unlimited [solar window screens] and three of the back windows. The results are amazing, there is a noticeable temperature reduction that can not only be felt, but also seen on the electricity bill each month, increase in privacy as no one can see in, and best of all you can still see out, but the direct intense sun has been blocked. Screens Unlimited is a great product and the company is very professional, timely, clean and pleasant to do business with.”
Cynthia Fritz; Tempe, Arizona

“We had severe hail damage from the storm in October of 2010. The front of our house (which faces east) was hot and the new air conditioner unit had a hard time keeping up. We read a story in the paper about Screens Unlimited and called the company. Jeremy is a wonderful and professional businessman. They gave us an estimate on our front windows and sky lights – very reasonable. We saw a difference immediately after they installed the screens. It is functional and aesthetically pleasing as well. We would highly recommend this product. We will definitely do the rest of the windows after the holidays.”
Nick Frost; Carefree, AZ

“Two of our major home concerns are privacy and energy efficiency. The Screens Unlimited screens have proven valuable in achieving both goals. …We had to put up shutters and curtains on most of these [southern facing] windows and doors which didn’t help much with the heat build-up and forced us to sacrifice our view of the horse farm. The Screens Unlimited screens solved both problems. Immediately after installation, we could feel a huge decrease in the amount of heat coming into the house through the windows and French doors. More importantly, we regained our view of the horses and the garden. We can see out . . . it’s like looking through sun glasses . . . but no one can see in… The Screens Unlimited screens work so well that we can now stand right up to the window and watch the birds even though they are only four feet away. Even birds can’t see into a house with Screens Unlimited screens! We liked the screens so much; we decided to put them on every glass window and door on the house.”
Gay and Morna; Peoria, AZ

“After a professional and quick installation of Screens Unlimited [solar window screen] on my office windows, I am finally able to work without melting in Arizona’s afternoon sun. Jeremy and his team have made my afternoons in the office enjoyable, and I highly recommend their product and services.”
John Kiltman; Northem> Scottsdale