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How Solar Screens Improve Energy Efficiency

Solar Screens InfoGraphic Every homeowner and business owner is looking for a way to make their home more energy efficient. The costs of heating and cooling a home seem to be growing each day and by improving energy efficiency you can hopefully reduce that cost, keep your home more comfortable and be more environmentally friendly. Businesses are even having to use the website Usave to see if they can find a cheaper energy provider to try and reduce the amount of money they’re spending on their bills. Some energy efficiency improvements can be so expensive that you wonder if you will truly see a return on your investment. With solar screens, not only will you see a great return on your investment but they will provide years of substantial comfort in your home.

Sun shades are mounted on the exterior of windows and come in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit anyone’s taste and home style. Once installed, they block the sun before it ever hits your window and, by doing so, drastically reduces the harmful rays and heat that enter your home. Not only is this beneficial during the hot summer months but during the winter months they also provide insulation so that your home’s heating and cooling does not escape as easily, which will keep temperatures comfortable all year long while reducing the strain put on your HVAC system.

Solar screens are a stylish accessory for any home and the investment is sure to increase your home’s value. But more than that, they truly improve your energy efficiency in a tangible way. Once installed, you will be able to watch as your energy bills are drastically reduced each month. 44% of the heat gain in your home or business can be attributed to sunlight and solar screens are able to block 90% of that sunlight and heat – a huge amount! And, as mentioned, they continue to work all year long, making windows 15% more energy efficient by double insulating them.

Not only will your home feel more comfortable all year long, solar sunscreens provide other important benefits as well. Having a lot of large windows is a wonderful thing in a home because it provides a lot of beautiful natural light. But, all of that natural light pouring in through the windows contains harmful UV rays and not only is that bad for skin but it can also fade upholstery and drapery over time as well. The same features that help block out light and improve energy efficiency also help prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home. When you have invested money to beautifully decorate your home the last thing you want is that gorgeously upholstered sofa to be damaged by fading because of the sunlight from windows. Allow that natural light in but filter the harmful rays through solar screens to protect furniture, upholstery and drapery from fading. Lastly, in addition to all of these benefits, they provide a beautiful and energy efficient form of privacy for your home. Window sun shades are designed to allow for ideal outward visibility, and they allow for sunlight to come in, but they drastically reduce visibility from the outside in. Depending on your desired level of privacy, you can choose a solar shade that offers anything from minimal privacy to complete privacy control. They are an investment that not only pays for itself but provides immense benefits, improved energy efficiency and increases your home’s value. Invest in solar screens to protect your home and improve your comfort, all while watching those utility bills go down each month.

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