Installing Solar shades on exterior of building

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Why Buildings Should Shade From the Outside Rather Than the Inside

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When the sun beats down on windows you can instantly feel the heat.  You can hang curtains but they only do so much to keep the light out but, ultimately, the sun’s rays still get in and they do not really do anything to prevent your home from heating up.  One of the best things you can do to keep your home more cool is to have solar shades installed.  Solar shads keep your home more energy efficient, which helps keep utility bills down and also makes your home much more comfortable to live in.  Some sun screens are installed on the interior of windows and some are installed on the exterior.  So, you may be wondering – which is best?  It is actually more beneficial to have solar shades installed on the exterior of your windows for a variety of reasons.

When discussing why it is better to shade from the exterior, rather than the interior, it is important to start by talking about solar heat gain.  Solar heat gain is the amount of heat a house gains on the inside strictly from solar heat.  It is better to install exterior screens because you stop the heat from ever entering the home in the first place by preventing the sun’s rays from even touching your home’s windows.  If the shade is on the inside of the window, some light and thus some heat will be blocked, but the home’s interior will already have accumulated a significant amount of heat gain.  By installing solar screens you dramatically reduce solar heat gain in your home which means you will not need to use as much energy cooling your home.  50% of your home’s heat gain comes from windows but solar shades installed on the exterior of windows can block as much as 90% of the sun’s heat.   Imagine how much cooler your home will be and how much your utility bills will be reduced when your home’s heat gain is reduced so significantly.  Do It Yourself explains why exterior installation is so beneficial not only for your home, but for the environment as well, “In the summer, because solar shades reduce the heat and glare from the sun, indoor temperature is regulated and there is a reduced need for cooling mechanisms such as air conditioning. This is greatly beneficial to the environment because air conditioners are well known for their contribution to harmful emissions in the atmosphere.”

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