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Do Solar Shades Really Save on Home’s Energy Use?

textilene 90% fabric for sun screen installation                One of the biggest expenses any homeowner faces on a daily basis is energy use.  A home’s energy consumption adds up quickly, leaving many homeowners wondering how they can start to lower their monthly bills.  Going “green” has been popular for some time now because not only is it better for the environment but when a home is “green” and energy efficient, it uses much less energy and saves a significant amount of money each month.  There are energy efficient options in just about everything a home could need and windows are no exception.  Having solar sun screens installed is a great way to make your home more energy efficient.  Just how energy efficient are solar suns screens?  Incredibly energy efficient.

Solar sun screens filter harmful UV rays from entering the home and block that strong sunlight from damaging a home’s interior and furnishings but the best benefit of all is how it improves a home’s energy efficiency.  But, energy efficiency is not just a fancy buzz word, solar sun screens actually block up to 90% of sun’s rays and heat.  That is significant! A home can be heated and cooled using utility services but it also is naturally heated and cooled by outside weather.  If a home’s windows are not energy efficient or solar screen are not installed there can be a large amount of heat gain in the home just from windows.  This will leave you constantly adjusting the thermostat to try to combat those heat gains, especially in the summer months.  In fact, as much as 50% of all heat gain in a home comes from unprotected windows.  If you were to block that by 90% just imagine what the energy savings could be! If you are tired of watching your utility bills double or triple in the summer because of the significant amount of heat gain, it is time to install solar sun screens.  You may be thinking – “Sure, it will reduce heat gain but how much will it really impact my energy bills on a monthly basis?”  Once solar sun screens have been installed, they are capable of reducing utility bills by as much as 30%.  A 30% savings on energy bills will free up a significant amount of money that can be used in a myriad of ways at the homeowner’s discretion.  And, ultimately, you will be much more comfortable in your home because solar sun screens can make a room as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit cooler.  Solar sun screens are the ideal energy efficient improvement for any home and will yield significant savings on the utility front while making a home more livable and comfortable on a daily basis.

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