Pet Screen Doors and Pet Guards Solve Door Problems

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Pet Screen Doors and Pet Guards Solve Homeowner’s Screen Door Problems

Arizona Quality Sliding Screen Door InstallationScreen doors are not only a convenience but offer many unique advantages that homeowners would not enjoy otherwise.  Sliding Arcadia doors with fabric allow a homeowner to leave their doors open and naturally cool their homes in an eco-friendly way that will help utility bills stay lower as well.  Naturally cooling your home with Arcadia doors provides the opportunity to let the cool outside breeze blow through without worry of insects or other unwanted critters making their way into your home.

The advantages of sliding doors are many but for those homeowners who also need a pet door, the insect fabric door is still possible!  Many homeowners mistakenly think they cannot have a sliding patio door on a door that also serves as an animal door because the dog will not be able to get out if the fabric door is in the way.  But, at Screens Unlimited, we offer a selection of animal-friendly doors and guards for fabric Arcadia doors to ensure you get to enjoy the benefits of a screen door even if you need it to serve as a pet door as well.

We have all probably seen it before, an excited child, not paying attention, walking straight into the door on accident.  And, we have all probably seen an overzealous dog, anxious to get outside, run full speed right into the patio door, or pawing at the Arcadia door fabric, potentially even breaking through door fabric.  Guards for fabric doors function as a grill, protecting the door fabric from excited pets or the wandering knee or foot and help extend the life of your fabric doors dramatically.  They come in a variety of sizes and styles so there is sure to be a perfect match for your patio doors.  The best part is that guards for sliding patio doors do not detract from visibility.  The animal guards are made from a strong and durable steel that is interlocking and does not rattle.  The installation is very quick and simple.  Additionally, there are pre-assembled doors that are pet-friendly yet still provide the same protection that sliding Arcadia doors provide.

The pet door is housed right in the fabric so while you are enjoying the cool breeze your family’s four-legged friends can come and go as they need.  Whatever your unique door needs are, we at Screens Unlimited have the right solution for you to ensure you enjoy all of the benefits that sliding doors have to offer without the frustration of constantly having to replace the fabric due to damage caused by animals over over-zealous family members.  And, with our pet guards and doors, you can keep your doors open on nice days while your pet enjoys all of their usual comforts of easy access to the outside as well.

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