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3 Reasons to install solar window screens before summer arrives

textilene 90% fabric for sun screen installationWhile we all enjoy the nice cool temperatures now we let it slip from our mind just how uncomfortable those warm summer months can get.  It is especially true if you have a home that is not energy efficient.  Utility bills in the summer months can skyrocket due to the amount of air conditioning your home requires just to stay comfortable.  Rather than sacrificing comfort by living in a sweltering home all summer, one simple energy efficient method of keeping your home more comfortable is to install solar shades.  While you can wait until summer to do it, why not start enjoying the benefits sooner and allow your home to maximize its energy efficiency all year long?  Below are 3 reasons why you should install your solar window screens before this summer arrives.

  1. Year-Round Comfort & Protection
    • Window sun shades do not just provide comfort during the summer. Sun shades protect you and your home’s interior decor from the harmful rays of the sun.  The sun’s strong rays, when left unfiltered, can do significant damage to human skin but it can also damage and fade things like furniture, drapery and upholstery.  By installing your  window shades as soon as possible you will begin to protect yourself and your home more effectively which is important at any time of the year.
  2. Lower Utility Bills
    • Installing sunshades will help you to better regulate your home’s interior temperature year-round which means you will not be constantly racing to the thermostat to make your home cooler just so that you are not sweating! Because sunshades are installed on the exterior of your window it stops the sun’s rays before they even touch your windows so solar heat gain is dramatically reduced.  This benefit will reflect significantly in your utility bills.  In fact, SRP points out that by installing exterior window shades you may cut your energy bills by as much as 25%!
  3. Local Incentives!
    • The biggest reason to consider an energy-efficient window upgrade as soon as possible is that you can reap the benefits of local incentive programs for making energy efficient improvements to your home. One local Arizona utility company, SRP, offers an incentive program, the guidelines for the shade screen rebate are as follows:
      • Be a permanent SRP residential electric customer that resides in a single-family detached, single family attached (duplex, triplex or quadplex only), mobile home or apartment/condo (duplex, triplex or quadplex only).
      • Purchase and install new or refurbished, qualifying shades with a licensed contractor by April 30, 2017.
      • Install energy efficient window shades that block at least 80% of the solar heat gain on sun-struck windows only (west-, south- and east-facing windows).
      • Install screens on the exterior of clear glass windows that enclose an air-conditioned space.

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