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Reasons Why to Install Solar Screens

Top Ten Reasons to Install Screens Unlimited Energy Saving Products

  1. The warranty of window manufacturers is not voided with the installation of solar screens unlike that of films or tinting. The majority window manufacturers will void their warranty if tint or film is installed.
  2. Screens block 90% of the sunlight and heat which makes up for 44% of the heat gain in your home or business.
  3. Energy from the Sun’s Rays are absorbed by the open weave design of the fabric and then dissipated through the small holes in the mesh as air passes through it. The sun is deflected before it reaches the glass.
  4. Shading the sun from the exterior of your home stops the heat before it enters, a lot like a large shade tree in front of every window of your home would.
  5. Screens allow for there to be more light throughout the home without compromising privacy of closed blinds. Maintaining great outward visibility, providing privacy, lowering utilities, and helping the environment by saving energy is good for everyone, especially you!
  6. Unlike tinting, screens are able to be removed in the cold months or for cleaning windows whenever desired.
  7. You gain privacy without closing blinds, curtains, or shutters. You can see out, but they can’t see in.
  8. Screens can even make windows 15% more efficient in cold months by creating a third layer of insulation for double pane windows.
  9. Eliminates 90% of the UV Rays that can cause fading of valuable furniture, carpet, and bedding.
  10. 90% is an average of the sun’s rays and heat that are blocked from entering your home at all of the angles of which the sun hits your home. With a high profile angle of the sun in the southern or western skies there is almost 100% blockage!