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Top Ten Reasons NOT to Buy Window Tint or Window Film

  1. The installation of films or tinting is generally 30-50% over the cost to install sun screens.
  2. Window manufacturers have been known to void warranties with film due to its ability to cause thermal shock fracture when installed on insulated glass windows which is caused by an increase of heat and pressure between the panes of glass.
  3. Extreme caution is necessary for all films and tint while using any abrasive cleaning methods for to not create non-removable damages.
  4. The majority of manufacturer’s window warranties will not be honored.
  5. The percentage of heat gain from the sun that transmits into your home, is 5 to 8 times better with window sun screens than tint or window film.
  6. Solar screens are plainly and simply a better way to effectively block the heat and not the view while eliminating the sun from hitting the glass and entering the home.
  7. Due to conductive heat properties of the metals found in window film, they can often be counter-productive in considering the heat that may be conduced into your home vs. what the films and tints are actually reflecting away.
  8. You can’t take tint off of your windows when it is not in need during the cold months without lots of time and money.
  9. Aesthetics of a tint or film is easily degraded by improper installation and/or time being exposed to elements. Bubbles and/or peeling often coincides with most tint or film applications if not immediate, most definitely eventually.
  10. Being that the innovations of clear films are growing, it is certain that during future cleaning of windows with such film will inevitably leave non-removable scratches, and/or could end up having an adhesion being dissolved with products that are unable to detect its existence.