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Security Doors Provide Protection and Much More

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When driving around your neighborhood you have probably seen them – security doors. Today’s security doors come in a wide variety of colors and styles and if you work with Screens Unlimited, you can have your own custom designed protective screen. This is important not only so that you have a custom fit but so you also enhance the architecture of your home in a positive way. With today’s crime statistics and rate of home invasions many people have security on their mind. You need to feel safe and protected in your own home and while an alarm system is helpful, preventing unwanted entry in the first place is always ideal. You can even put on some extra protection by adding a security camera system to your home or office.

At Screens Unlimited, we have custom security doors that are well designed and durably crafted to help keep your home or office more safe. Many burglars will go right through the front entrance and so any extra deterrents are very important. Often, burglars will simply see a safety door and decide it is not worth their time and better to just keep going. You may wonder, “Well, a security door is just one more step, will it really deter a burglar if they want to get in my home?” The answer is, yes. They are specifically designed to be unbreakable. Force and even drilling into the locks will often not work because they have been designed to be drill-proof.

In addition to adding a significant amount of protection to your home, security doors also help you be more energy efficient with your home. They can be locked and the main entrance left open so that you allow the natural breeze to flow into your home. You remain safe while enjoying a natural form of cooling that reduces the need for expensive utilities. Also, locking metal doors help provide added protection for your primary entrance which extends its life and keeps it looking nice. Because of the variety of options available today, they can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the exterior of your home. Curb appeal is important because the exterior of your home sets the tone is the first impression anyone will have of your home and sets the tone for the experience someone will have once inside. By enhances aesthetic appeal you add both real and perceived value to your home. Additionally, safety doors are made with weather resistant materials that will not fade, rust or generally deteriorate over time. These doors are made to last because we want our clients to have only the highest quality materials so that your home looks beautiful and provides a significant enhancement to security.


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