Window Sun Screen Covering Color and Percentage Choices

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Window Sun Screens Colors and Percentages

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Window Sunscreens in Phoenix come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and specs.  Every Phoenix home has different window quantities, window orientations, and exterior objects that affect what solar screens get used, and where.  So how does someone decide what the best sunscreen choices are?  Besides calling the professionals at Screens Unlimited LLC, we can offer some of the tips to help in making the decision quicker here.

Window Screen Fabric Color Choices

When it comes to having professionally made solar window screens fabricated and installed, you want to make sure the color choice is one that you will be happy with for ever.  The vinyl-coated polyester sunscreen fabric comes in brown, black, beige, stucco(two-tone), grey, white, dark green.  The most common window sun screen fabric colors are the black and brown, mostly due to the earthy desert colors that the majority of Phoenix homes are painted.  As for what sunscreen fabric color choice is best for your home.  This should be determined by aesthetics most importantly, and effectiveness second.  The darker window screen colors are very slightly more effective, and tend to be easier to see out during the day.

Sun Control Fabric Percentage

If you think choosing a color option for your solar window coverings is too many options already, than this may overwhelm you.  As for solar control percentages, there are three options that vary in price, protection, and outward visibility.  The three sun protection percentages are 80%, 90%, and rarely used 95%.  The 80% and 90% sun control fabrics are most commonly used, and are available in all the standard colors.  The 80% sunscreen fabric is the least expensive, and it offers very good sun protection and great outward visibility.  In addition, the 80% window screen fabric offers great outward visibility, and maintains the best airflow from the factory bug screens.  The 90% sunscreen fabric offers great sun protection being an additional ten percent, and maintains a very good outward visibility despite of its extra protection.  The 90% sun control fabric offers great privacy, however, does restrict airflow a little more than the 80% fabric.  Often times it makes sense to use both percentages throughout the home depending on the sun orientation and location.  With the east and west sides of the house being getting the most intense sun, it makes most sense to compromise the airflow for the extra sun protective properties.  It is very common for people to use different percentages of solar screens in different rooms and sections of the house, as there is not a visible difference without thoroughly investigating. Lastly, there is the sun control fabric 95%, which is often not used for your fixed solar screen applications because of its very tight weave, and slightly higher pricing.  However, in a situation where absolute sun protection is most desired, the solar control screen fabric 95% is very effective, and it comes in black/brown, charcoal, and black color choices.

Hopefully this has offered a little bit of additional sun control fabric information to assist in the decision making process of having professionally installed sunscreens put on your home.  For more information or to schedule your sun screen consultation, feel free to contact Screens Unlimited LLC today at (623)399-4942.

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