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Textilene 80% And 90% Sun Screen Fabric Statistics And Information

textilene 90% fabric for sun screen installation
Textilene: The Wonder Shade Fabric

Textilene is a synthetic fabric made from a mixture of polyester fabrics that are covered with a layer of PVC.  This is an extremely strong and durable fabric that can withstand strong winds, tears, and UV rays.  This very strong fabric is one of the backbones of the sun screen fabric business.  Sun screen manufacturers make good use of Textilene’s durability in patio, pool, and porch screens.  There are many benefits to the Textilene fabric: it is highly resistant to tears and punctures, it is mildew resistant, it is highly durable and strong, and it has a 10 year limited warranty, and allows air to flow freely through it without letting the bugs in.

The US Department of Energy states that to reduce heat build-up in a house, you need to increase the amount of shading on the outside windows.  Research shows that 40% of heat buildup and loss is through doors and windows.  Shading the exposed windows in a house will reduce the temperatures in the house by as much as 20 degrees.  Window shadings like blinds or drapes do not reflect, block or absorb the rays before they hit the window glass.  Textilene solar screen panels on the outside of the windows absorb a high volume of the sun’s rays while letting you still enjoy maximum visibility.

The two most popular and sought after Textilene solar fabrics deliver 80% and 90% sun blocking power.  They are both a plain weave solar screen fabric made up of vinyl coated polyester coated yarn.  Both of these Textilene fabrics come in great colors, and widths. Open air structures of the Textilene fabric have been used to create covered playgrounds in extremely hot sunny climates, thus providing optimum UV protection for children when they head outside to play.  Large swimming pools are also covered in large Textilene awnings to provide protection for the occupants from the harmful rays of the sun.  The fabric allows the air to flow through without allowing the harmful rays to penetrate.

Textilene covered windows will lower your energy bills, reduce the glare and harmful rays of the sun, provide a fade protection for carpets and drapes in your windows, reduce heat transfer into the house, will provide a dust filter when the windows are open, and allow great air circulation when the windows are open during the spring and fall months of the year.  Textilene coverings on your windows also provide a feeling of security to the homeowner.  It is nice to be able to look out f your home and know that others cannot see into your bedrooms.

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