Replace Sunscreens with Bug Screens in Winter

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Save Your Insect Screens For the Winter Months Or Get Rid of Them

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Removing Solar Screens and Replacing Factory Bug Screens. Worth It?

There are often times differing opinions as to whether it is worth the hassle of removing your Arizona Solar Screens during the cool winter months.  There are obviously plenty of benefits to removing sunscreens, and replacing them with the original bug screens.  Otherwise, nobody would do it.  Likewise, there are plenty of reasons for leaving the solar sun screens up for the winter despite some beliefs.  Either way, you don’t want to get caught without one or the other unless you plan to invest in a bug zapper.
Benefits to Swapping Sunscreens with Insect Screens During Fall and spring in Phoenix.

Probably the most prominent reason why people take the time each season to remove their solar window screens, and replace them with their factory bugscreens is for the free daytime heating.  Solar Heat Gain, which is exactly the reason we all want the sunscreens in the summer is very limited when they are left up.  Factory insect screen allows the heat to transfer right through into the house on a sunny day.  In addition, there is the airflow.  There are plenty of nights throughout the year that are perfect for cross ventilation, and the original bug screens offer much more air to pass through than the average sun screen material.

Reasons to keep your Solar Sun Screens Up all year in Arizona.

Solar Window Screens are an excellent way to keep the heat out in the summer, but Privacy is also a big reason why many Phoenix Residents install sunscreens.  This is likely the number one reason most Phoenix homeowners choose to leave their solar screens up all year.  But for those of you who don’t care about the privacy, here are a couple of other benefits you may not be thinking about for leaving your sun screens up.  First, many Phoenix residents do not have a surplus of storage area, and those that do choose to keep things neat and tidy.  Having a set of bugscreens and sunscreens usually means unwanted clutter, as they are typically not the easiest thing to store due to their awkward sizes.  Most Solar window screens are not going to go into the attic.  Secondly, is the insulating properties that the new solar screen fabrics offer.  Believe it or not, sunscreens offer an additional layer of insulation that will help keep the heat in at night as well.  Sun screens do a great job of equalizing the temperature of a house throughout even in the Arizona winter months.  Lastly, and equally important, is the unexpected hot days that occur in Phoenix throughout the “cooler” months.  There are plenty of days in Phoenix where the temperature is cool enough outside, but due to the power of the sun, your house is an uncomfortable temperature. As stated before, sun screens help to keep the temperature in your house a steady temperature all day and night.

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