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Factory Screen Door Replacement. Quality Vs. Original

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Your average factory sliding patio screen is often flimsy and cheap. Even many factory sliding screen replacements are not much better. Most lower quality sliding screen doors are made of thin roll formed aluminum. Factory Screen Doors have plastic handles and plastic wheels that wear out fast, or break. In most cases, the springs on the factory screen doors aren’t strong enough to hold the door up, causing the screen door to bind when trying to operate the door. The simple fact is, if a sliding patio door company supplied a screen door that was included with the original patio door, it is likely that the supplied screen door will not function as preferred, and in most cases not at all.

Top Quality Sliding Screen Patio Doors

Quality is often times overlooked when shopping for a sliding screen door. Good quality sometimes gets taken for granted and crutial funtions are missed. So what does a “Top Quality Sliding Screen Door” look like? How does it function better than the rest? Well, it all starts with a sturdy extruded aluminum screen door frame similar to what you might see at Discover Air. If the infrastructure of the screen door is solid, it will withstand more use, higher quality components, heavier duty fabrics and mechanics. Next important trait of what makes a quality sliding screen is all-metal construction. No plastic screen door handles. No plastic sliding screen door wheels. No plastic corners. Lastly, but not least, a high quality patio screen door should have a high quality powder-coated paint job that looks nice and lasts as long as the door does.

Marquis Sliding Patio Screen Doors

When it comes to quality sliding screen doors, it only makes sense that the best quality door would have a name like the “Marquis Sliding Screen Door”. The Marquis Slider is equipped with a 2 1/2″ Extruded .o60 Aluminum Frame. The Marquis Sliding Screen Door comes with solid ball bearing wheels, and an all metal handle system and lock. The Marquis slider screen has metal internal corners with a precise mitred corner that holds strong. The finish is a powder coated paint that comes in standard window and door frame colors. This custom made Patio Screen Door is the Cadillac of sliding screen doors from its construction and smooth function to the aesthetically pleasing and well finished looks.

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